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The state system of OSR prevention in the Kingdom Norway

In Norway OSR is regulated by the Pollution Control Act of March 13,1981. This Act regulates differentiation of responsibility and duties of private industrial companies, municipalities and the state in case of emergency situations connected with the environmental pollution. In Norway all the plans on response to the emergency situations as well as the activities of the relevant involved organizations are standardized and coordinated. That is why in case of a huge emergency situation the national response system acts like a unified complex organization.

According to the Norwegian legislation the industrial companies which can damage the environment must provide relevant readiness in order to eliminate an emergency situation. The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency determines the requirements and controls oil and chemical pollution of the environment. The specified requirements relate to the operators working on the Norwegian continental shelf, oil terminals, oil refining plants as well as companies-suppliers of oil and the main industrial companies. The requirements are defined in the Health, Environment and Safety Document (HSE).

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