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Volunteer movement

Experience has shown that success of oil and oil products spill response depends on opportunity to involve all possible measures in the shortest period of time. Participation of volunteers in such cases has got significant meaning.


Annually Barents Sea Office of WWF together with “EcoService”, professional search and rescue formation, organize special training for volunteers who are willing to participate in spill response operation of oil and oil products. The project to prepare volunteers started in June, 2005. By order of Barents Sea Office WWF teachers of Murmansk State Humanities University together with “EcoService” have developed supplementary educational program and a study guide “Oil Spill Contingency and Response (OSCAR)”.

На данный момент подготовлено около 400 волонтеров

Realizing the project, it has been held more than 20 table-top exercises, that total amount of prepared volunteers is 395, 35 people among them can save birds suffered from oil pollution. Table-top exercises are held onshore Kola and Kandalaksha Bays. WWF used this experience of voluntary courses in Murmansk region while holding exercises in Arkhangelsk, Saint Petersburg and at the Commander Islands.


The data about prepared volunteers have been passed to Administration of civil defense and emergency situations in Murmansk region. They stocked up on means of individual protection on the case of mobilization of supplementary people from those who has studied the courses.

На данный момент подготовлено около 400 волонтеров

WWF formed mobile container with emergency supply of means of individual protection and equipment for 40 people. That container is located at the base of “EcoService”.   


Voluntary training consists of theoretical part and practical applying of that knowledge during the exercises. Volunteers get necessary knowledge of technical standards base in OSR, they practise skills to localize and liquidate spillage of oil products, in particular they learn how to prepare and put boom defenses, temporary storage tanks, how to use skimmers, pressure vessels and sorbing agents.  

В ходе данной подготовки волонтеры получают знания нормативно-технической базы в области ЛРН

At the end of the training volunteers receive Certificate from Barents Sea Office of WWF that they have taken the training under the program “Oil Spill Contingency and Response”.

Together with volunteers courses they organize general formations for oil spill control. Employees of some Murmansk regional organizations have already passed that training, for example “Murmansk base of aviation forest air protection”, “Administration of special protection areas of regional significance in Murmansk region”, “Kandalaksha state reservation park”.


For the first time the guide how to act in the case of oil spill for workers of coastal special protection areas has been developed in this country. 

По результатам обучения волонтерам выдается Диплом Баренцевоморского отделения WWF

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