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Aims and goals

The Arctic region possesses great amount of natural, biological, fuel and energy resources; it causes two results: first of all, it leads to development of economic activity in the Arctic zone, particularly to development of such processes as prospecting, exploitation, exploration and transportation of the natural resources; then, it increases environmental risks of the Arctic projects.

The aim to establish this center is gathering the information about the best experience how to minimalize the impact of the human factor in prospecting, exploitation, exploration and transportation of the natural resources of the continental shelf in order to prevent emergencies in the Arctic region as well as stimulation of international cooperation in the sphere of developing new technologies for oil spill response in severe Arctic conditions.

Directions of the activities of the Center:

  • estimation of the technologies to collect and recycle oil taking into account such factors as water temperature and its analyses; chemical analyses of oil/ oil product;
  • search for new national technologies and analyses of possibility to commercialize them with unitary cost of oil spill response and relevance of those technologies in different conditions of exploitation and transportation of hydrocarbons;
  • attraction of investments for development and commercialization of technologies;
  • participation in the development of common international standards under response and international cooperation in the case of emergency in the Arctic region;
  • organization of various events consecrated to education and skill development of employees of Russian and international oil and gas, shipping and rescue organizations, preparation of volunteers;
  • development of informational source on scientific, technical, organizational plans for OSR in order to adopt them to severe Arctic conditions.

The Center was initiated by Interdepartmental Environmental Group under the jurisdiction of the Board of Association of suppliers for oil and gas industry “Murmanshelf”. Association “Murmanshelf” was founded in 2006 by the Government of the Murmansk region, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk region, and Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Main goals: development of interdisciplinary unity of enterprises in Murmansk region for performing works and supplying services under realization of investing projects and oil and gas projects on the Arctic shelf; increasing of the competence level of small and medium enterprises; assistance in setting contacts and developing cooperation; making favorable conditions for strategic partnership of Association members in order to increase their competitiveness; presenting the interests of Association members in front of the local authorities, in public and business organizations (including international ones); attraction of financial, intellectual and organizational resources. Environmental group has been created to unite professional and administrative resources of the Arctic zone in the sphere of environmental protection; to use in the most effective way the competence for solving issues on providing ecological safety during different operations on the Arctic shelf, including international cooperation and common initiatives

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